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Who we are

Makeamo Professional Services was established in 2020 after spending significant amount of time studying the Occupational Health and Hygiene management programs. Makeamo Professional Services was created amidst the scare of COVID-19 pandemic. It is bringing with it the solutions to curb the spread of COVID-19 as the country is lifting the lockdown levels to levels where there will be more interaction in the workplaces, public areas including the schooling environment. Health and hygiene issues (lawsuits and court settlements) impact on the margins of companies regardless of the size and COVID-19 cannot be left out.

The founder of the company has worked in various consulting, manufacturing, mining and constructions companies since 2006. During the time of employment, shortfalls were identified and thus came an idea to establish a company with operation strategies to deliver cost effective and comprehensive Occupational Health and Hygiene advisory and training services.

The company has successfully designed its service provision in a professional structure where by our clients shall find satisfaction on implementation and management of effective and comprehensive Occupational Health and Hygiene systems. Our team including management is comprised of individuals who are experienced in the Occupational Health and Hygiene field. We render our service with professionalism and dedication to reflect our mission statement and vision going along with our goals and


To be widely recognized as South African black owned company that strive for the best in
Occupational Health and Hygiene sphere.


To develop and lead implementation of effective occupational health and hygiene systems
to contribute to the protection of the health of the workers.


✓ Integrity
✓ Honest
✓ Accountability
✓ Commitment to customers
✓ Innovation
✓ Quality


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